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Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare Provider

Trinity Healthy Living

Our Outpatient Services and professional personnel are committed to providing the highest level of quality care and assist our patients to independent living. Our healthy living outpatient services are to help develop the well-being of our patients. Our phase approach gives patients eight key elements of wellness to build the skills to achieve and sustain sobriety gradually. With each small success regarding discipline, decision-making and problem-solving skills along with self-discovery comes an ability to recognize one’s potential to make healthier choices in all areas of live and living one’s purpose.

Other pathways such as Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a “whole-person” approach to the treatment of substance use disorders and other mental health conditions under the supervision of our licensed medical professionals.

Professional Coaching Services

Individual Peers and Family Support Specialists are those people who have been through addiction and understand your stresses and your challenges, are critical to your accountability efforts and to your recovery. These positive relationships benefit you in addiction treatment as you leave your negative influences behind. Just as negative peer influence is strong enough to cause adolescents to engage in self-destructive behaviors and behaviors that harm others, as an adult that negative influence can also damage your efforts to remain in addiction treatment or to sustain your recovery both as an individual and family.

Ongoing peer to peer accountability can prevent you from backsliding into the type of situations that led you to your addiction and family relationships broken. When you are accountable to peers who are supportive of your sobriety in a positive way, the result will be positive.

When you are accountable to peers who are supportive of your sobriety and healing within families in a positive way, the result will be positive moving forward.

Individual and Family Recovery Support

We believe the family needs help in their own right. Our family programs educate about the disease of addiction and the different ways family members are affected. Families learn to:

• Work through the disruptive experiences
• Set healthy boundaries
• Rebuild trusting relationships