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Intervention Services

Today, recovery means far more than simply continuing abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It means a rejuvenation of health on every level: physical, mental and spiritual.

Most of all, recovery means finding a sense of place within the community, a sense of belonging and purpose, and a feeling of connection to one’s family, neighborhood and people within it.

The promise of recovery today means living fully among others; no longer isolated by disease, but thriving in spite of it.

Through our partnerships with McKenna Associates & Fitzsimmons Asssociate, we deliver effective intervention and treatment services to people in need. We facilitate recovery, prevent relapse and promote healthy recovering individuals and families.

We provide access to essentials that promote long-term recovery. We give families a genuine opportunity for family reunification with support and treatment.


1. Intervention and Care Management
2. Assessment and Recommendations
3. Recovery Coaching
4. Recovery Enhancement
5. Consulting Services
6. Referrals to Treatment Facilities & Private Therapists
7. Employee Assistance Programs


Association of Intervention Specialists – AIS



American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders

American Psychological Association